So much has happened since my last post 31 Jul 2019.
Moved house again, Still in the same borough just moved closer to town center and work. The landlady was very underhanded with us, We used to rent a small 2 bed and at the time her husband was alive. He was an amazing guy and we’d spend quite a bit of time talking and he offered me £200 to redec if I wanted to, His statement in email was take it or leave it. As I don’t like to accept discounts from rent I decided to decline.
Fast forward a couple of years and the Landlord passed away due to cancer, we moved to another of his properties which was a 4 Bed with garage. Lovely place wonderful neighbours and all went well for about 3 years, I get a call from the Landlady telling me she’s decided to sell up and if we want we can have first dibs. Great!
My wife and I went to the bank to see if this was possible, No rent payments are not taken into account, If they did they’d see we could afford to pay but alas they said no.
So we informed the landlady that we couldn’t take it on and asked for time to find another place, all good.
On the moveout day I ask for deposit …BOOM she dropped the clanger of no because I didn’t re-dec the old palce and left it in bad shaped blah blah blah!
I made my points, provided all the emails yet still she declined the deposit, during this I discovered the deposit was not in an escroe account! So told her “You’ll hear from my lawyers and you better make sure you followed ALL landlord/renting laws as this will be no win/no-fee for me, She wnet white.
So I engage a lawyer and hand over the details for them, A week later and I get an email telling me to provide bank details as she will pay the deposit and anything left of the rent we didn’t use. Agreed and got the payout also Lawyer didn’t bother to take a payment as all he did was inform the landlady she’d lose the case and her lawyer agreed lmfao.


What can I say other than never trust a Tory MP!
Their actions on the response was typical, all their mate got hundreds of millions and all we got was unusable PPE.


Putin you true numbskull!
What are you doing. Did you really think the world would not turn against you!

Thanks for reading this far.
I have a few more guides to come soon and will look to expand to different topis and maybe add a page for my spleen vents LOL